Bulak Cave in Safranbolu

Safranbolu is an outstanding city. Its dazzling mansions, monumental structures, cuisine, and unique culture will fascinate you. But what if we tell you there is an alternative route in Safranbolu apart from all these?

Turkey is very rich in terms of caves where there are about 40 thousand caves. A lot of caves have not been brought into tourism yet. With the opening of Bulak Cave for tourists, it has become a favorite of kefiş lovers.

Bulak Cave is the fourth largest cave in Turkey, it is located in the mountain mass known as Sarıçiçek within the borders of the Bulak village and is about 8 kilometers away from the main city of Safranbolu. It has been accepted as a “ Natural Asset ” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 

Bulak Cave is 6050 meters long, but only the first 400 meters are open to visitors. According to researchers, the Bulak Cave has developed over a period of three million years and forms a very large ecosystem with its living and inanimate things. As a result of the melting of the limestones, galleries were formed in Bulak Cave over time. The seeping water has formed stalactites and stalagmites and this makes it such a natural wonder; The Cave attracts thousands of tourists and researchers. Bulak Cave consists of three interconnected floors; these floors were formed in different periods.

1- Entrance section

Bulak Cave in Safranbolu

After getting your ticket done, you will need to climb about 150 stairs to reach the entrance section of the Cave, then you pass through a narrow corridor. As mentioned before, only 400 meters of the cave are open to visitors, In the 200-meter section, the guide of Bulak Cave narrates and accompanies the visitors who would like to.

The wall remains at the entrance made using Khorasan mortar show that the cave was used as a shelter in the past. We know that in the past, caravans used to look for a sheltered place while crossing these valleys and therefore they stayed here. 

2- Middle sections

Mencilis Cave in Turkey

If you get deeper into the Cave, you will reach the middle section of the cave, which is also open to visitors. You will see here the unique formations of the cave. The three floors of the cave were formed at different times and periods.

3- Bottom section

Bulak Cave in Turkey

A stream flows from the bottom section, which supplies the utility and drinking water of Safranbolu. these streams formed also small lakes, you will also see a waterfall pouring from a height of 10-15 meters. Research has been done on the living life inside the cave and nothing was found but bats and mice.

If you keep getting deeper, a sign will appear in front of you that tells you that it’s forbidden and dangerous to get more inside, but if you insist and want to get deeper, you will have to pay more to explore with a team of professionals. As the interiors of Bulak Cave are cool and can offer a wonderful break from the outside summer heat if visiting in summer, we highly recommend you to get deeper! 

“Incredibly amazing cave! It’s freezing inside but unbelievable shapes of stones like art work. You can see only 200mt with guide and 600mt in total to see but you can book a visit to see deeper till 2km deep. They have some rules and limitations to accept you to this tour. You need to be fit eventually I’m seriously thinking to have that longer tour.” Visitor review

How to reach Bulak Cave?

There are 2 ways to reach the cave. 1- On the way from Karabük center to Safranbolu, you can pass through Bulak Village and walk 4 km further from here to reach the cave, but the road is hard.

 2- following Değirmenbaşı Street from Safranbolu city center to reach the cave, this road is much more comfortable.

There are no buses or minibusses, etc., that provide transportation to Bulak Cave, so you can drive to the Cave with your own car following the signs, or you can take a taxi.

2 tips you should take into consideration when visiting Bulak Cave 

Due to Bulak Cave’s rocky nature and its temperature, we recommend: 

1- Wear sturdy shoes for the discovery as the metal walkway inside can be wet and slippery.

2- Bring a jacket if you want to go deep into the Cave

What is the entrance ticket price at Bulak Cave?

As of 2022, adult fees (10 TL), student (8 TL). The museum Card is not valid here. Martyrs or veterans’ relatives and disabled citizens are free of charge.

Opening hours

You can visit all weekdays between 8 A.M – 9 P.M.

Phone number

+90 537 411 09 23

ِAt the end and after visiting Bulak Cave, go have a cup of coffee or tea in the cafe close to the cave and try to recognize the beauty you have just explored! 

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